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Why AS Technologies

Our History
Alberto Berrío started AS Technologies (formerly America’s Satellites) on January of 2003 with his brother-in-law and co-founder Gabriel Mantilla (RIP). Since then, his passion has been to add value to every single service that his local company delivers. Born In Colombia in 1974, Alberto went on to join the Colombian Naval Academy and retired as an Ensign in 1995, he later pursued a degree in industrial engineering at Pontifícia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia and graduated in 2001. Alberto and his lovely wife, Colleen, have been with a baby boy Mateo Lucas. Alberto enjoys leading our company to new heights, encouraging our staff to continue to learn and grow. He gives us the tools we need to be successful each day in our company, and in life. He started America’s Satellites as a small company, in the small town of Hendersonville, NC, 15 years ago. Since then, he has grown our company to serve Upstate SC and Western NC.

Our Mission
AS Technologies exists for the purpose of adding value to our vendors, delivering exceptional service to our customers while intentionally promoting and pursuing our employee’s growth.

Our Values
Servant Mentality

Our Vision
We aim to provide the very best service provider in North Carolina and South Carolina.


Love it!! It works great for me.

Our installer was very easy to work with & helped with any questions we had. He also made sure we had all our devices hooked up & ready to go. The quality has been very dependable so far.

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